#20: You Are Highness

The guys spill drinks, break glasses and discuss myriad topics such as christmas cards, the proper use of the word “lady,” whether people are the best or the worst, and if nuts can be characterized as a dessert.  Continue listening after the outro to hear a failed (and poorly edited) beer tasting challenge to follow up on a podcast from forever ago. Glasses (and Boris’s ego) are shattered.

#18: What about your E’s?

In this shaky episode full of shameful admissions, the guys admit to some minor pedophilia, discuss the nearly twenty- year old movie the Truman Show, and spoil M. Knight Shamylan movies.  Also, Greg and David’s improv attempts catastrophically and cringe-inducing fail, and Greg makes “the best argument Boris has ever heard.”

#17: Does the Dalai Lama Bang?

In this episode, the guys decide between killing their childhood dog and breaking up with their cohabitant (watch out Rover!), and display an alarming lack of knowledge concerning the Dalai Lama and Hari Krishna. In a moment of candor, Greg concedes David’s physical attractiveness. Also, hang on after the outro to hear more uninformed discussion of Esparanto, the Dvorak keyboard, and canoodling.

#15: It’s the build up that makes it uncomfortable that makes it good

This episode — in a surprise to no one — prominently features bathroom behavior.  The guys also guys discuss nickels, dimes, gift-horses and mole volcanoes; find out what “The Price is Right” and toilet paper have in common; and Boris takes a controversial stance at the end of the episode. Also, theme music.

#13: Shut Up, I’m gonna explain combat juggling

The guys discuss “other interests” in resumes, Boris confesses to stealing a bowling pin, David has a shameful admission about his competition in the cardboard boat,-building competition, and Greg talks about two expressions he  doesn’t understand.  Also, there’s a question about plants that the guys ignore entirely to discuss names instead.

#12: Underwear Nostalgia

The guys discuss lonely socks, society’s addiction to denim, electro-magnetized shirts and complex race relations.  Also, Greg is rattled by an encounter on the subway, and David tells a completely unintelligible story about tipping.