#12: Underwear Nostalgia

The guys discuss lonely socks, society’s addiction to denim, electro-magnetized shirts and complex race relations.  Also, Greg is rattled by an encounter on the subway, and David tells a completely unintelligible story about tipping.

#9: Salty Delivery Systems

The boys discuss the merits of bud light limes, last appetizer etiquette, Korean Jesus, the details of pornographic cinematography, and areola thresholds. Also, Greg remains undefeated at David’s increasingly unfunny section: Duck, Duck, News!  Also, Kate.

#8: Deer Love Seltzer

The guys discuss cutting age issues such as the days of the week; how exceptions could possibly prove rules; adults wearing jerseys; feral humans; and ManPads (TM).  Also, David’s second attempt at a news section goes terribly wrong.

#7: I thought Bird Flu was Bird Flu

The group talks bathroom etiquette….again; we debate whether it’s worse to get stuck on an elevator or a ski lift; the practicalities of polyamory; and David debuts a new segment called Duck Duck News with moderate success.

#6: Dating, Taking Baths & Splitting Bills

Greg tells us about some of his dating experiences and qualms. Then we discuss the age-old question of whether it’s acceptable for dudes to take baths. Finally, we argue about different way to split dinner bills with jerky friends.

#4: Locked Out, Sandwiches & Nutrition

Greg tells a personal story about the effects of getting punched in the head repeatedly, and we all talk about getting locked out. Then we debate whether a hotdog is a sandwich… one of the most meaningful conversations of all time. Finally, we explain the finer points of a nutrition, calorie counting and fat people.

#3: eBay, Minty Shampoo & Tattoos

We discuss eBay, cereal and pushing people into pools. Then we’ll explain the costs and benefits of menthol shampoo and whether pasta salad is ‘technically’ salad. Finally, we discuss whether tattoos look better on white people or black people.